How it Works

Find our data recovery form online and fill it out with all the information requested. Make sure to list the make and model of your hard drive, and your most important files and folders, as well as letting us know what happened when your device failed and you lost your data.

Follow the shipping instructions below to ship us your drive in such a way that it won’t incur further damage.

See graphic below for instructions

Our data recovery specialists will assess your drive, let you know the likelihood of a successful data recovery operation, and offer a fair and honest price quote that won’t change no matter how long it takes us to recover your data.

If you choose to accept our price quote, our data recovery specialists use sophisticated, proprietary techniques to repair your drive and extract your lost data.

We’ll ship your drive back to you on a USB drive or external hard drive, depending on the total size of your recovered files. When you receive the drive, it’s very important for you to reintegrate your data or install the new hard drive within 7 days. Every data recovery service includes our 7-day warranty, to protect you in the event your data is lost during the reintegration process. If this occurs, we ship you another drive containing your data at no cost to you.

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